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I’m humbled and excited to announce that the year of 2022 marks the 15th anniversary of RuneLocus!

Although there are many moments and people that have marked this path, I would first of all like to use this blogpost to thank everyone for using RuneLocus over the past 15 years.

When I launched this website in 2007, I never would have expected that we would hit a milestone like this. Man, what a fantastic journey! We’ve seen incredible ups, but also terrible downs. Both the good and bad have one thing in common: we have embraced them both, after all, they’ve shaped RuneLocus into what it is today.

Throughout this year, we will be celebrating our 15th anniversary in the form of updates and new features. And as you most likely have already noticed, we have already begun. Welcome to the new RuneLocus!

What has been renewed so far?

What more can you expect?

Plenty of updates and new features. However, let’s keep those a secret for now.

There’s one subject that deserves an early mention though: security. In collaboration with our friends at Rune-Server, we have been (and still are) working on a security audit for RSPS. An audit that is here to help protect your personal data and to improve the overall security of RuneScape private servers. Last year, we have already started to roll out some of these security requirements to a few large servers, and will continue roll it out to even more servers this year. We will make a separate blogpost about this later.

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For 15 years, RuneLocus has been the leading platform for RuneScape private servers. The RSPS list has been used by thousands of servers, and hundreds of thousands of players.