Zenyte is opening it’s doors (interview with Noele)

Posted by: Christof Posted on: 05/06/2019

With another interesting server opening it’s doors this month (June 7th), you can expect to find out some behind-the-scenes details discussed and outlined today. I’m here with Noele, and the soon-to-be-released server Zenyte.

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Ikov is back! (interview)

Posted by: Christof Posted on: 24/04/2019

With the newly announced release date (April 26th) of Ikov, I’m here today with the owner David to give players, and those alike a glimpse of what had to be done for this to happen. It’s been four years since Ikov had first closed it’s doors to players, but within the week, hundreds and thousands […]

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New Discord server

Posted by: RuneLocus Posted on: 25/08/2018

As of today, RuneLocus has a brand new official Discord server. Hereby we’re inviting you to join the new Discord server at: https://discord.gg/6rK7dcr The old Discord server is, from now on, abandoned.

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The New RuneLocus

Posted by: RuneLocus Posted on: 03/07/2018

Something we’ve all been waiting for, the new RuneLocus theme. Delayed twice, but it’s finally here. As for now, this is a beta and there obviously is a chance that you’ll be noticing some small glitches. If you notice anything odd, feel free to report it to us on our community forum. Thank you for […]

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March, the month in which we defeted vote bots!

Posted by: RuneLocus Posted on: 06/06/2017

RSPS fans! We’ve reached the end of the month March. The month in which we have announced that we would be taking heavy action against voting bots..

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