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How many times can I vote on the RuneLocus toplist?

You can and may vote once every 12 hours per RuneScape private server.

Can I buy some toplist votes for my RuneScape private server?

No, RuneLocus does not sell votes. If someone’s telling you we do, or is trying to ‘sell’ votes to you, you’re being fooled.

My server has been banned, what do I do now?

RuneLocus is the only RuneScape private server toplist with reasonable moderation. When we suspect a server of cheating, we instantly hide the ranking of a server. This means the specific server will not appear on the toplist until we’ve discussed the situation with the server founder. When we’ve found legitimate proof of cheating, we remove the votes.

If you are the founder of the server (not co-founder or another kind of staff) and believe this ban was incorrect, please register an account on our forum and post a thread. We will take a look at your message or appeal and decide as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours).

Where can I buy advertisements?

RuneLocus offers a limited amount of advertisements. Please see www.runelocus.com/advertising for more information.

How do I use your callback system?

We’ve set up a simple tutorial to help you use the callback system. Click here to visit the callback system installation tutorial.