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What’s Your Favorite RSPS?

Did you know that RuneLocus alone lists over 3,000 servers? Every day that number is growing and it gives private server players more choices when they decide to play a Runescape Private Server.

With all these different RSPS’ how do you choose the one that appeals to you when it comes time to play? Do you care more about the amount of players or do you like a smaller and more close knit community? Do you like oldschool servers or are you a fan of RS3 servers? With over 3,000 servers you can imagine that you have more then enough choices and different types of servers to choose from when it comes time to pick one…

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‘The Power of Playing’ (by StevenAbraham)

A tip for all server developers

A little while ago there was a breach in my server’s security which allowed someone to get an administrator account. Because of this, one of our developers enabled a system that automatically IP bans any unfamiliar developer or administrator account. Sadly, he forgot to add me to the whitelist.

As I waited for the next system update so we could refresh the whitelist, I decided to make a new account and see my server from a player’s point of view. My God was it eye-opening! The amount of easy fixes as well as larger problems that the developers had no idea about were insane! Even after my account was reinstated, I decided to keep my new account play it from time to time…

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Find RuneLocus on YouTube

Posted 10 July 2014

A month or so ago we started to actively add tutorials to our RuneScape private server tutorial database. We’re trying to add as many useful tutorials for the community as possible and sometimes writing them isn’t enough.

After much consideration we’ve decided to create the official RuneLocus YouTube channel which can be found here. We’re going to allow the best of the content team to upload videos on our channel in order to provide a different style of learning. All of our tutorails that we upload will be accessible via our YouTube channel as well as the tutorials section of the Runelocus website.  If you have any suggestions or ideas for tutorials, let us know!