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To market a Runescape Private Server (RSPS), you often need to think about advertising strategies as they are one of the key factors to attract players, leading to a server’s success. In combination with a strong development team and a bug-free experience, a server can become one of the leading communities. There are many marketing strategies, and in this article I will go over methods that have been proven to be most successful. Keep in mind that when advertising, it is best to use as many methods as possible so you can reach out to a great deal of players.

1. Up-To-Date Content & Graphics

Believe it or not, having up-to-date content is a great way to market yourself. For instance, since the release of Oldschool Runescape (OSRS), many players are looking for similar or identical content. You can read about the reasons in this article. Whenever OSRS releases a medium to large-scale update, it is a good idea to implement it to a RSPS to attract players that want to experience the gameplay, but without the long grind. Think of updates including Tombs of Amascut, Forestry and Seasonal Leagues.

Next, having a visually aesthetic representation of your server is vital. This includes but is not limited to graphics as logotypes, website designs, banners, etc. Players have a higher chance of staying on your website and trying your servers if the design is eye-catching and simple to navigate. You can hire designers from freelancing websites, or by contacting existing designers in RSPS communities, such as RuneLocus. It shows that people behind the server are professional and serious about the game. Consequently, it becomes easier for people to become deeply invested in the game.

2. Content Creators

The most common method to obtain a large amount of players is to hire youtubers and streamers. Search for a creator that fits your price range, and creates videos for your type of server. See the previous article to learn more about server types. Some creators attract more players to servers with a heavy emphasis on gambling, others enjoy the Player versus Player (PvP) action. It is therefore crucial to use a creator that has an audience connected to your server type. Keep in mind that youtubers and streamers work with multiple servers, and it is important to provide them with the right information as they won’t have time to spend weeks learning a server. It is also a good idea to create Content Creator Programme on your server, so players with recording and editing experience don’t feel that time spent on making videos is wasted. Rewarding players that spend time promoting the server is a great way to create a healthy community and reach out to other content creators on the internet.

3. Voting, Toplists & Communities

Incentivizing players to vote on toplists and post about your server is a great idea to reach out to players already involved with RSPS. At RSPS Toplists and communities you can fill out information about a server and have others vote and comment. The more votes and comments your server has, the easier it will be to stand out. If there is an option to purchase an advertisement slot, it could also be a good option depending on the cost and website activity. For instance, RuneLocus offers to place your banner on different parts of the websites so that visiting players notice your banners and visit your server. Remember that if players don’t feel rewarded enough to vote for your server, it might be a good time to consider what they are after and thereby motivate them to promote your server.

4. Discord & Email Advertising

Multiple communities of free and premium advertising, where you can write and include links to your servers. While it won’t bring a big number of players in one go, it is a consistent way to grow over a longer period of time. There are also websites that send out Discord messages and emails to players of specific games, e.g. RSPS. Keep in mind that emailing or contacting 100 people won’t get you 100 players for your server, as many accounts and emails have been forgotten or abandoned.

5. Google Ads

Using Google Ads to advertise your server on websites with related content is a good way to reach out to new and recurring players. To set an example, you can target specific audiences to display your advertisements for people that have or are playing Runescape or Oldschool Runescape. This will make your ad pop-up on websites related to gaming. By using the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can also create a high listing on Google for your server. Higher SEO makes it easier to find you on Google. A good strategy is to name your server after a popular Runescape item, so when players look up, e.g. “Emerald RS” on Google, your server will appear at the top of search results. For more information regarding Google Ads and SEO, I advise you to find an informative website on the internet.


To sum it up, creating a big player base requires a money investment. However, it is possible to create a stable and sustainable community without spending thousands of dollars on marketing. The important part is to use money wisely, and spend it on places where your investments will grant maximal return in order to gain profit and create player growth. Hopefully this article has given you some in-sight in different ways to market your server.

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