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About BitRune OSRS

BitRune OSRS *NEW RELEASE* | Runelite | HDOS | MOBILE with Plugins | COX | TOB | TOA Coming Soon! | RWT ALLOWED


Brief Description:

Bitrune is our newly released RSPS that is a mix of Pre-EoC & OSRS and contains several features from top tier PvM, flawless PvP, active gambling, consistent events and tournaments, and much more! Come join hundreds of players online with exciting events and competitions. We have a balanced economy and allow real world trade, so what more can you ask for? Come to experience the journey and be a part of our great community and make money on Bitrune today! We intend on leaving no stone unturned and never compromising on quality.

Our server has just released which means a fresh economy and a new chapter for everyone. We currently have $2000+ in on-going launch competitions for all regular and ironman builds! 

Notable Features:

  • RuneLite Plugins & HDOS
  • PvP Tournaments
  • Custom Wilderness Bosses & Events
  • Presets
  • Bonfire of Benefits
  • Dungeoneering with 30+ bosses
  • Stealing Creation Minigame
  • Korasi’s Sword
  • Unique Events in-game and on Discord to cater to many people (fashion contest, meme competitions, drop parties, guide creation competitions, etc.)
  • Full Diaries, Achievements & Collection Logs
  • Token of Skip to skip KC for bosses (GWD, Inferno, etc. – donation/vote incentive)

And much, much more!

Launch Month Roadmap:

Week 1 – Mobile soft launch, CoX, Wilderness Bosses
Week 2 – ToB & DT2
Week 3 – Nightmare
Week 4 – GIM and potentially ToA a couple weeks after

Come check out the discord @ to see more of what our community has to offer. We hope to see you in-game to experience this journey with us!



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