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Welcome to Ely
Ely is the most popular 718/OSRS online today! With over 4 years of uptime and no resets or rollbacks you can play with confidence knowing what you accomplish will always be there.

As the leading 718 server we are constantly innovating and always ahead of the competition. If you’re a veteran RSPS player, maybe you already know Ely. We were known as “Zarpor” in the earlier 2009-2012 era. We have been consistently building upon, improving & innovating since the early days of RSPS.

Even after all these years, we are still only just getting started. With a mobile client on the way (playable even on iOS in the current development stage), Chamber’s of Xeric just finished and now released & much more on the horizon, we would love to see you in-game.

Lastly, we spend a lot of time making Ely engaging & fun for early-game/new players. With our rewarding Training Zone you can get a jump start on gold, gear & more. Last but not least, play now & you’ll receive free Mystery Boxes!


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