About NovaScape

We are a new server! I'm calling all PvMers and PKers to come and crush this game. Raids 1/2 complete, working on raids 3! Awesome customs! Download link in Discord!


– Raids 1/2 complete, working on raids 3 – All game modes (Iron, HCIM, GIMP, Normal, with varying experience rates) – Upgradable weapons (you can upgrade a whip or tbow or scythe/rapier to make it faster and deal more damage). It’s really fun playing with a rapier that is 3-tick attack speed) – Custom look on upgraded items (BIS Tbow looks like the masori set, BIS scythe looks like torva, etc.) – Teleports to all content / minigames / bosses – Discord bot connected to the server (announcing all drops, HCIM deaths, etc) Let’s talk about progression and drop rates. I’ve setup the server in a way where it is not pay to win. Most boss drop rates are between 1/10 to 1/50. – Nex is 1 in 10 to see a drop (for the team) – Nightmare is 1 in 10 to see a drop (for an individual) – Zulrah, Hydra, and other bosses are 1 in 30 to see a drop – Chambers of Xeric is 1 in 10 to see a purple (individually) – Theatre of Blood is 1 in 4 for the team to see one purple List goes on. So you’re not locked behind bad rng. If you’re a good pvmer, you can get ahead sheerly through your skills and determination. It’s also extremely fun for ironman players. My focus this next month will be to improve the PVP as well. We have custom loadouts and presets (for pvm too) to allow you to jump into the action (more to be discussed on this later).


NovaScape RSPS screenshot 1
NovaScape RSPS screenshot 2
NovaScape RSPS screenshot 3
NovaScape RSPS screenshot 4


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