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Are you looking for something unique; tired of the same thing over and over. I invite you to take a dive into an RSPS like no other. Make your own teleports, Interact with the tradepost from Discord, and more...


Dear adventurers,

Get ready to redefine your RuneScape experience with the upcoming launch of OSBY on January 25, 2024!

OSBY is an RSPS aimed at keeping the core features of OSRS while introducing new ways to play the game we all love and enjoy, with multiple experience rates to choose from, and game modes to play on, like Ironman modes. We also have some custom quests and lore that will give you a unique take on a familiar game, from crafting magical orbs to make teleporting easier, to gaining agility experience from just walking around. You can get yourself lost for hours playing and exploring the amount of content, bosses, and lore that we bring to the table

Do you want more? Then pair up your Discord with your in-game profile and get experience boosts, account security, and some pretty cool integrations not found on any other server.

What Sets OSBY Apart?
Multiple Experience Rates: Choose your pace! OSBY caters to all playstyles with adjustable experience rates.
Diverse Game Modes: Dive into the ultimate challenge with Ironman modes and embark on a solo adventure.
Unique Quests and Lore: Immerse yourself in a world of custom quests and lore, from crafting magical orbs to gaining agility experience by simply exploring.
Interactive Community: Join our vibrant community where every player’s journey adds to the epic tale of OSBY.
Bosses and Challenges: Conquer new bosses and face thrilling challenges as you explore our extensive content.
Endless Exploration: Discover a world brimming with content that will keep you captivated for hours on end.

How to Join the Adventure:
Join our Discord Community: https://discord.gg/SFnP2yPC2U


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