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Summer Event - BlackJack - Real Players - Daily OSRS GP Tournaments - DT2 Items - New BH Items - Skilling - 1000+ Achievements - Raids 3 Items - Custom Wilderness Events - Gambling - Clan Cups - Custom PvP Kits


Roat Pkz is the most active PvP Server in the scene – being a pioneer in wilderness events & boasting a 12 year uptime. We are always improving our game and listen to our community! We always have the latest data & keep everything balanced. Take a look at our media below and get ready for an incredible adventure!

We’re more than glad to hear about your questions, opinions and thoughts (Suggestions included!) about the server. Whether it’s related to our ForumsDiscord or In-game!
Feel free to post on our Forums, with whatever you have to say!

See you soon!
– The Roat Pkz Team


☀️RoatPkz ☀ SUMMER☀️ RSPS screenshot 1
☀️RoatPkz ☀ SUMMER☀️ RSPS screenshot 2
☀️RoatPkz ☀ SUMMER☀️ RSPS screenshot 3
☀️RoatPkz ☀ SUMMER☀️ RSPS screenshot 4
☀️RoatPkz ☀ SUMMER☀️ RSPS screenshot 5
☀️RoatPkz ☀ SUMMER☀️ RSPS screenshot 6
☀️RoatPkz ☀ SUMMER☀️ RSPS screenshot 7
☀️RoatPkz ☀ SUMMER☀️ RSPS screenshot 8


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