Skotos - PVP/ECO

About Skotos - PVP/ECO

Skotos - The best semi custom OSRS 317 PVP/ECO server. MONTHLY GIVEAWAYS.


Hello we are Skotos, we are a PVP server focusing on
PVP  PVM  Gambling.

– Item upgrade system with over 40+ upgradable items.
– Full Chambers Of Xeric
– Custom raids with custom rewards
– Insant PVP
– Custom Boss maps
– Corrupted Hunleff
– Seren
– Nex
– Dark Lord gamemode
– Ton of Donator bonuses
– Pets with different effects
– Custom Slayer rewards/unlocks
– Custom titles
– Wilderness event bossses
– Automated flowe poker
– 200m skilling capes

And much more, check out our website our join our discord for more information and giveaways!


Skotos - PVP/ECO RSPS screenshot 1
Skotos - PVP/ECO RSPS screenshot 2
Skotos - PVP/ECO RSPS screenshot 3
Skotos - PVP/ECO RSPS screenshot 4
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