About 🌟SwiftRSPS🌟

Swiftpk is a upcoming Semi Custom PVP/PVM server with unique customization!


About us?
Swift-PK is a semi-custom PvP | PVM focused server. we are a 317 OSRS content based server. We offer a wide variety of content including custom raids / custom wilderness content and slayer. We strive to provide a fun and NON Pay 2 win server. All items are obtainable without donating a penny! Alongside OSRS content SWIFTPK houses various custom content to dive into throughout the world. What makes us different then other semi custom servers? The community behind us and the constant updates being pushed out. For a small upcoming server we have a full time working dev that pushes constant bug fixes and content changes!

Our Main Features


  • Pet Perks
  • Custom Raids
  • Cox + Tob
  • Unique home with easy access to raids
  • working wildy slayer
  • PKP + Coins as currency.
  • Working Tradepost System
  • Daily Tournaments
  • Custom Wilderness Bosses
  • Huge Donator Benefits
  • Daily Tasks
  • Acheivements
  • Collection Log Rewards
  • Rewarding Vote System
  • Item Upgrade System
  • Item Forging System
  • Custom Skilling Zone

Notable PvP Features

  • Presets
  • High Risk Zone
  • Donator Wildy Cave (singles+)
  • Multiple unique wilderness events
  • PvP Tasks
  • Rewarding Rev Caves (With rev custom alt)When joining please let a staff member know you came from Runelocus for a Boosted starter kit :)


🌟SwiftRSPS🌟 RSPS screenshot 1
🌟SwiftRSPS🌟 RSPS screenshot 2
🌟SwiftRSPS🌟 RSPS screenshot 3
🌟SwiftRSPS🌟 RSPS screenshot 4
🌟SwiftRSPS🌟 RSPS screenshot 5
🌟SwiftRSPS🌟 RSPS screenshot 6
🌟SwiftRSPS🌟 RSPS screenshot 7


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  • Server ID: 47440
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