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OSRS Server -- Trailblazer League Tasks & Relics World 1 --- Deadman Reborn World 2, The Corrupted Gauntlet, Collection Log, RuneLite, Comp Cape, ToB, CoX, Group Iron, Combat Achieves, DMM Sigils, Pet & 200m XP Perks, Nex


3 World OSRS Server
World 1 – Economy / Trailblazer Leagues
World 2 – Economy / Trailblazer Leagues + Deadman Mode (increased risk for increased reward)
World 3 – Seasonal Deadman Mode 72 hour competition for $2,000+ USD prizes (once every few months)

Boasting unique content with Trailblazer leagues & relics, deadman mode reborn & sigils, full collection log, Runelite with 117hd, full Theatre of Blood & Chambers of Xeric, Group ironman modes, The Gauntlet & Corrupted Gauntlet, over 200 Combat Achievement from the OSRS Diary including ‘the walk’ at Vorkath and ‘no pressure’ at Alchemical Hydra, as well as custom additions such as 200m experience capes providing small perks in that skill (example 200m range = no ammunition lost when wearing the cape), Pet perks providing misc. buffs when the pet is following you (e.g. general graardor granting free killcount entry into god wars) after paying the upgrade fees (e.g. 5 bandos godswords) to control a healthy economy. Vulcan also has one of the most in-depth Hiscore systems you will ever see, as well as a Completionist Cape for those who complete 99 in all skills, 200 combat achievements & 300 league tasks – the first player who did this received $2,000!

You’ll also see a ton of misc. QoL content on Vulcan such as weekly King of the Skills events, Vulcan Bingo, Trivia, daily Lottery, 6 hourly free entry PvP tournaments, shooting stars, crystal anvils, vote drop parties, afk island & enhanced afk island (requiring you to sacrifice end-game pvp gear in exchange for afk experience gained in your lowest skill) and so so much more.

Scared it’s a new server and there’s too much to learn? I felt the same, and so on Vulcan I’ve made extremely clear guides and an active Knowledge Base section on our forums explaining exactly how everything works so new players are not left feeling like they don’t know what the last 6 months of updates were


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