Throwback Thursday: Castle Wars

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Castle Wars is arguably the most played and best Runescape minigame ever. Jagex released Castle Wars on December 14, 2004.  The objective is simple, each team has a flag and the other teams goal is to break into the opposite teams base and steal the flag. Runescape did at it’s own twists and unique features but it’s pretty obvious they based the minigame off of Capture The Flag. In 2009 Castle Wars was voted the most popular player vs player minigame in a poll hosted on the official Runescape website. Here is an old castle wars video!

Although there are no skill or quest requirements to participate in the game, you’d generally see a variety of different high level players battling it out. For the most part lower levels would quickly be killed and wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as much. Share the memories you have of playing castlewars down in the comments below!

Have you ever owned a RSPS?

The other night the Runelocus team was thinking about how we could improve the website and we the Runelocus fans and general community came up. We started to think about how many of you guys have owned an RSPS versus how many of you guys are players. Let us know using this poll what your answer is and include in the comments below (if you want of course) how active your server was.


5 Tips To Become A Better PKer


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Everyone wants to be the best Runescape or in most of our cases Runescape Private Sever PKers we can possibly be, but how can we achieve that? We see a lot of elite pkers such as Elvemage, Kids Ranqe and many other legends and all of us want to be like them.  We’re going to give you the basic tips you need to know to start your journey.

1. Pick A Style

Runescape PKing has evolved over the years and today we see a variety of different styles of PKing. We have bridding, melee, range tanking, mage tanking and a bunch of different less known styles as well. We recommend for you to pick a style and stick with it until you master it. Are you a deep wildy PKer? Going on melee probably isn’t the best idea because if someone has mage then they can farcast you. It’s important to pick a style that is appropriate for where you plan on PKing. For beginners we recommend using melee or range tanking. This will allow you to deal a lot of damage while still playing it safe.

2. Practice

It’s important to practice and master your style just as much as PKing. We’d recommend that you join a clan or get some friends and work on your technique. Switching, eating and using spells all at the right times are a crucial part of PKing. When you practice at a place such as duel arena you’re not putting yourself in risk of dying and loosing your items but you’re still getting practice in and improving as a PKer.

3.  Stay Aware

We can’t stress how important it is to stay aware while PKing, we know that you’re concentrating on your fight but there may be someone waiting to rush you when you kill the other person. It’s extremely important to look around and make sure no ones standing around with a special attack weapon wielded. It’s also very important to be aware of lures as these are all very frustrating ways of dying.

4. Inventory Setup

This is something that is often overlooked by players, setting up your inventory is crucial to being a good PKer. You need to make sure that everything is in a position where you can easily access it. Also make sure to always put everything in the same place as eventually it’ll become muscle memory where items are and you’ll become a much faster and efficient PKer.

5. Stats

Remember the good old times in Runescape when you could go PKing and even if you didn’t usually PK you still had a chance? Those times are over, you need to make sure that your account is optimized for PKing. I see people all the time who don’t have the proper stats and die quickly. If you’re a melee fighter then you shouldn’t have 99 range and 80 strength. I personally like to keep my strength the highest, followed by defense and then attack the lowest. This allows me to take the least damage while outputting the most.

Have Another?

Do you have another tip that you use for PKing? Let us know in the comments!

Meme Monday: Good Guy


Back in the day remember when you where really bored? I personally do and I remember clearly that I would just go around helping people, now I know that this can vary from person to person but I know a lot of people used to do this. Let us know in the comments if you where a good player and helped or lured noobs to there death in the wilderness!

Throwback Thursday: Falador Massacre

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Ah.. The Falador Massacre, this is said to be one of the both funniest and annoying glitches/bugs that has ever happened in Runescape. The Falador Massacre occurred in world 111 and took place in… you guessed it Falador! This glitch basically occurred when the first player who got 99 construction had a party at his player owned house to celebrate. When players fought one another or did anything combat related inside the house they where then given the ability to somehow attack players when they went back into the main game.  Some how everyone got kicked from the house at once which then put everyone back in the game with the abilities.

With people with these abilities flocking to major Runescape cities and taking people the Jagex moderators found it hard to control the event. Eventually they got it all under control and banned anyone who took part in the massacre. Jagex later released that over 2,000,000 (2 billion) coins where lost during the glitch. Below is a video of some footage captured during the massacre.


Do you have a story about the Falador massacres? Let us know here!

Thread Tuesday: Runescape Beta Footage In 2004

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Some newly recovered beta footage of gameplay during the Runescape 2 Beta has recently been discovered after someone restored there computer. Cart, a Runelocus administrator posted a link to the video in a Runelocus forums thread here.


Do you think the game the we have today is anything like the game that was showed in this video? Let us know in the comments below!

Meme Monday: Internet Friends



Every modern day gamer has there fair share of internet friends,  most of us play games with people from all around the world and often become friends with these people. You get to experience different cultures and meet new people all from the comfort of your computer seat, amazing right?

Throwback Thursday: Tour Of Jagex Game Studio

A few years ago Jagex posted a tour of the Jagex Game Studio to there main YouTube channel.  It was posted in 2009 and we thought it’d make an amazing throwback Thursday for this week as when it didn’t get that much attention when it initially came out.  It’s amazing how much work when into the company that created the game that allows us to create our own games, funny how it works right?

Would You Play Runescape On A Console?

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Over the past few years myths and rumors of one of the biggest MMORPGs that this world has ever seen will soon be coming to console. Of course, every single one of these claims has been fake and or just a bunch of hype. The Runescape CEO has stated the he does want Runescape on Tablets and may have hinted a little that eventually it will move onto consoles (Possibly Next-Gen?) but that was last year and we haven’t heard anything of it since.

The main question is would you play Runescape on a console of the opportunity arose? Why would/wouldn’t you play and how much would you be willing to pay to play? Do you think this would be a good business move on Jagexs part or not?

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