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Hello. In today’s blog we will delve into the discussion of what truly makes a RSPS experience memorable. On one hand, we have the allure of customization where players can experience new gameplay through unique bosses, combat, skilling mechanics and game models. On the other hand, we have the unwavering charm of authenticity, where developers strive to preserve the core essence of the game by creating an experience that remains true to the origins of Runescape.

To begin, we’d like to start by saying that choice between custom and emulated or slower economy servers depends on personal preferences. Some players tend to get tired of repeating the gameplay loop and experiencing the game through the same methods, bosses and minigames. However, there are also players that dislike the custom aspect, which can sometimes be taken too far due to balancing issues. To cover both aspects, we are going to highlight a few reasons why people chose each option.

Custom Runescape Private Servers

Unique Gameplay Experience

Custom servers often introduce unique features, quests, items or mechanics that are not found in the official game. Players who seek different challenges may enjoy the fresh gameplay experience offered by custom servers. As the majority of players are familiar with the mechanics of Runescape, playing a custom server grants a new sensation of exploration and journey, where players are unfamiliar with the training methods and ways of obtaining certain items. This sense of unfamiliarity drives people towards custom servers, as they discover how to get started and progress in this new environment that still holds the core of Runescape.

Experimentation and Creativity

Custom servers often provide tools or opportunities for players to create their own content, such as custom maps, quests, or game modes. This appeals to players who have a creative inclination and enjoy experimenting with game mechanics or designing their own experiences. Moreover, as the content is created by the server staff team rather than extracted from the original game, it gives players a method to participate in content creation without necessarily knowing how to model, create maps or code themselves.

Emulations of Oldschool Runescape

Nostalgia and Authenticity

Emulated versions of the real game or very slow economy versions aim to recreate the experience of playing Old School RuneScape as it was during a specific era, such as the 2007 version. For many players, these emulations provide a nostalgic trip down memory lane, allowing them to relive the game as it was when they first played it or during a particular favourite time. It also allows players to experience a fresh beginning and race for the Hiscores. As majority of the content is already familiar to the player base, it is easier to focus on community interaction and having fun through social communication in contrast to solo exploration.

Stability and Longevity

The official game may introduce updates, balancing changes, or new content that not all players agree with or enjoy. Emulations provide a stable and unchanging version of the game, allowing players to continue playing the version they prefer without disruptions. On another note, emulations generally have a very slow growing economy, where a few million gold will be sufficient to buy a lot of equipment or resources. By reducing the amount of gold, resources and drops coming into the game through low drop rates and money making method similar to the real game, emulations and slower economy servers are able to capitalize on


In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming, both customization and authenticity have their place, catering to different desires and preferences within the gaming community. The power to create and shape one’s own adventure empowers players to fully immerse themselves in the worlds they inhabit. Meanwhile, the preservation of a game’s original spirit ensures its legacy lives on, invoking a sense of reverence for the past. So what do you think? Which of the two do you prefer?

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