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Strongly dedicated to a stable economy and fair wealth accumulation through various sources in game.Healthy PK system with killstreak rewards and killstreak capes based off your highest killstreak.Upgrade tokens/PvP tokens/PvP ticket loot/Random PvP rewards/Killstreak bonuses and Bounties!
Rogues castle minigame
Progressive wilderness content coming in.

Plenty of custom equipment including:
Reg/Ice/Fire/Elite torva sets
Sirenic equipment
NostaX weaponary
Custom enchanted bolts with a double hit effect
PvP weapons with specials that have a chance to disable your opponents prayer!
Wings, High DPS lite weaponry, Brutal whips
Enchanted primal weaponry with a blood effect which heals you.
Drop rate boosting items: Ring of wealth and its enchanted variant, Gold pets, Max cape.
Assasin/Doomed assasin robes with void effect and much more!

Some donator benefits include: Donator zone with nomad teleport & drop rate buffs for donators, extra PvP rewards.
High risk arena with arena shop!
Lottery system!
Dicing/Flower poker!
Auto donate w/redeem shop!
Vote for rewards!
CTRL + Scroll wheel zooming & Shift dropping!

Unique slayer system + 12 working skills – full skilling reward system including skilling caskets (obtain standard and custom cosmetic rares) + white pets which increase your xp rate!

Plenty of work being put in, NostaX is becoming stronger and stronger! join us today, you won’t regret it!


NostaX 667! RSPS screenshot 1
NostaX 667! RSPS screenshot 2
NostaX 667! RSPS screenshot 3
NostaX 667! RSPS screenshot 4


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