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Welcome to StargazePS, one of the caring RuneScape private servers. And no we’re not your typical 2-5 Months cash grab server that most of the RSPS servers are in the scene, we have been running for 4 years now providing people with constant updates, but it go to the point that on the release of the server we made some major flaws with the economy and how it went, but after learning from our past mistakes i’m here to offer you a unique custom experience, where your opinion actually matters!

Why Join Us?

We provide a multitude of things that a lot of custom rsps do not have such as:

Meaningful skilling(People who get tired of constant PVMING can now do skilling such as WC/Fletching/Mining/Smithing/Fishing/Cooking and more to come as this is relatively new concept for us)

Alchemy Table(We’re not your typical rsps where you get gear just by drops and have 50+ irrelevant sets in game that basically do nothing what we offer is simplicity that is easy to follow and easy to progress, by combining pieces to make gear that provides Hybrid stats)

Mount System(Ever wanted to ride a mount in rsps we got you!)

Perk Tree(We offer a multitude of meaningful perks that actually gives unique effects towards your account)

Unique Customs(Our customs are made exclusively to us, and no we do not have spongebobs with AK-47 running around or pokemons)

Raids(We have a nice variety of custom raids meaning it’s not only Kill a boss and advance to the next room, but actual puzzles)

Mass Bossing(Mass Bossing also plays a major part in the server where people group up to defeat powerful npc’s that have unique mechanics rather than just stay in a spot and punch LOL!)

Unique Pet System(We offer a variety of pets that have unique features)

And a lot more!


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