About Voidscape

Voidscape #1 RSPS We are BACK!


We have Launched Voidscape Once again. Our goal is to provide a fun server and build a Friendly Community.

You can join simply By using the following link

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/taVJ5NABhj

Website : https://voidscapersps.com/

Server Features:

-All Skills are working

-Voidscape is based on PVM and PVP

-OSRS Data with custom bosses

-Different Gamemodes

-We have over 100 Pets with perks

-Cosmetics System unlike other servers

-Daily Rewards, Daily Challenges, & Daily Moneymakers

We have much more on voidscape Like. Custom Raids, Raids 1,2 , Custom bosses, Duo Slayer, Slayer perks nd more, Join today and start your experience.


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