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In this article we will go over the different reasons to try a Runescape Private Server (RSPS). They may not apply to every individual, but they are generally applicable to most people. Furthermore, this is the first blog written by me, Falchios, so feel free to comment your thoughts.

1. No Membership Fees

First and foremost, playing a RSPS does not require any membership fee. Yes, there typically are donator ranks and benefits, but they are optional and only speed up gameplay rather than unlock new content. Therefore, playing a RSPS could be a great way to discover Runescape, or attempt some harder challenges such as Chambers of Xeric, Theatre of Blood, Tombs of Amascut, or the Inferno. Not to mention, some servers have an Alpha/Beta stage, or a practice mode where you can set your levels and spawn items before you take on these end-game battles.

2. Faster Experience & Drop Rates

Secondly, private servers have faster experience and drop rates. This means players will level up faster and will have an easier time obtaining rare drops. This is beneficial for multiple reasons. For starters, learning a new boss or mechanic can take weeks upon end on Runescape. Leveling your character, obtaining gear, completing quests, etc. Meanwhile, building a PvM-prepared account on a RSPS only takes a few days. Next, getting a drop can be tedious on Runescape as there have been several scenarios where players haven’t gotten any drop in several hundred kills, while on a RSPS it will be easier to get one due to increased drop rates. Finally, it is also a good opportunity to get dopamine no matter if you are a casual player or completionist!

3. Smaller Community (Easier to Communicate with Developers)

Thirdly, one of the issues with Runescape is that it’s difficult to push ideas and concepts to developers. As private servers have less players in the community, simply writing your idea in a message, Discord channel or in the game is sufficient to gain traction and potentially be implemented into the game. The ability to collaborate with developers and other players is a great opportunity to explore the unexplored, and set new standards for the server that you play. A true meaning of the saying ‘Power to the community’,

4. New Features

Next, there’s many servers that have gone down a new path. To start, there are custom servers that explore new models, monsters and mechanics. Ever wanted to battle a Pikachu or wield an Ak-47? Well, now you can! Are you into new content adapted to the Runescape style? No worries, these exist too. So no matter whether you like Pikachus, new content in the shape of Gem Trees or Japanese fish or a new genre as MOBA or Hunger Games — Runescape Servers have got you covered!

5. Different Eras

Finally, Runescape only offers Runescape3 and Oldschool Runescape. However, when selecting an RSPS you have a chance to play anything from the creation to the very end of Runescape. Some people prefer the classic Runescape era when it look more like a browser game than a MMORPG. Others prefer the Pre-EoC era, when Wilderness was rejuvenated and thriving at its peak. No matter what memories you have of nostalgia, playing a RSPS allows you to relive those precious moments in the palms of a new community.


To conclude, playing a private server is more beneficial than it might seem at first glance. While there are rumours about them being dangerous and capable of stealing important information, that’s all they are. Rumours. As a person that has played RSPS for over 11 years, I can assure you that there are higher chances to get hijacked on Runescape than it is on a server.

That’s it for now, folks!

Kind Regards,


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I'm a teacher and academic writer who enjoys RSPS, design and writing. Love to do graphics, play games, and hang with friends. Message me on Discord, username is "zexillium".

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