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A common question is “Are RSPS safe to play?” and this article will cover that topic. Runescape Private Servers (RSPS) have been around for over two decades, and many players wonder about their safety. While some players may be doubtful at trying a private server due to concerns about security and safety, the vast majority of RSPS are legitimate and completely safe to play on.


Firstly, reputable RSPS are often hosted on dedicated servers designed to handle high traffic loads and provide a stable, secure environment for players. These servers are often protected by advanced security measures, including firewalls, encryption, and DDoS protection, which help prevent hackers and other malicious actors from gaining access to the server and stealing sensitive information. However, a great advice is to change passwords! We cannot stress this enough. The issue with servers is that players generally use the same password on many games and platforms, meaning that if the information is compromised, there’s a great risk that it can be used to access your accounts.

Reputation, Effort & Core

Secondly, RSPS that have been around for several years, have a large community of players, and have a good reputation are generally considered safe to play on as they have spent an overwhelming amount of time making it, and their image would suffer if any user is exposed.  A reputable server is often represented by a transparent team which accounts for community opinions and engagement. Therefore, many RSPS have teams of developers who work hard to ensure the server is stable, secure, and free from malicious software.

Antivirus & Operating System

Finally, it is also worth noting that RSPS players can take steps to protect themselves while playing. For example, players can use anti-virus software and keep their operating system and software up-to-date to prevent malware infections. Additionally, players should be cautious when downloading any files or software from a private server. If a firewall, anti-virus or operating system flags it as a virus, it is best not to ignore the warnings. But this is not the case for most servers.

Password Protection & Virtual Machines

While they were more malicious many years back, people have realised that it is more profitable to run a server than to scam or hijack the passwords of a few members. It is also worth mentioning that when personal information is spread, it is most commonly due to a hacker or another server which aims to destroy a server’s reputation. Users with much information about security could also use a sandbox. A sandbox is like a computer inside your computer, meaning that it wouldn’t impact your real computer if something happened.


In conclusion, most private servers are safe to play on as the developers implement security systems and have a moderation team to catch players abusing and cheating by using game systems. Nevertheless, players should do their research by sticking to well-known and reputable RSPS, and take steps to protect themselves while playing. By taking these precautions, players can enjoy the unique and customised gameplay experience that RSPS offer without compromising their safety and security.

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