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The Server of the Week (SOTW) is an award that is awarded weekly to one of the servers on the RSPS list.

What is the benefit of winning the SOTW?

A Server of the Week will receive extra exposure, as it is listed on the top of the RSPS list.

How does my server become the SOTW?

The Server of the Week is automatically chosen by our system, you cannot apply nor buy this award.

What are the requirements?

You can participate in the Server of the Week-contest by unlocking Perk 1 of the RuneLocus Perks.

The requirements of the perk are:

  • Successful integration of incentive voting using our the RuneLocus callback.
  • At least 50 votes in the past 24 hours (includes previous month, if votes just reset).
  • A positive vote trend in the past 2 weeks (eg: 50 votes in week no. 2, 60 votes in week no. 3 = chance on becoming SOTW in week no. 4).

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